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Sunday, July 2, 2017

GOSFORDMANIA VII : A Concrete Defence

Gday Sports fans,  Tis I with another Newy Report

Once upon a time on a freezing cold friggin  night , well, Saturday night actually, 375 ish rabid wrasslin fans showed up at Cenny Coast Leagues to cheer, boo, chant and generally have a grouse time , because NEWY PRO were in town, and what a show, allow me to babble somewhat coherently about it.......

The kickstart for the evening was a bloke from Badstreet v a cave dweller (3rd cave on the left ) the thing that occured to me was "Ugg's gonna mash him if he gets hold of him", but Hunter spent a good percentage of the match outsmarting the man from pre history, and for the first time , i actually saw someone jump on Uggs toes , sheer bloody genius, Hayes even escaped a Ugg bomb a time or two thgat was until one ugg bomb arrived he couldnt avoid and the Ugg monster dropped him for the win

P.S a big well done to Caveman Ugg , who I'm reliably informed got the POP of the night at the House of Hardcore show in Sydney town last week
PPS...Hunter is just gonna get better , keep an eye on him

The Crown Prince of Wollongong and proud Armada member Michael Spencer was up next and he was taking on a new masked grappler called Bear Claw, who i'd not seen prior to this , Spence was at his heelish best and conversely Claw was a half decent luchador, he was pulling of some cracking moves, having said that Mickey was matching him move for move , some evil, some not and then after a tad of torture The Prince took the win with some variety of flying kinshasa.

Once again a first for me , the other two members of #SMS arrived to tag up, Snapchad and Facebrooke took on Harley Wonderland and some self absorbed, chick magnet from Summer Bay called Matty Wahlberg, BUT FIRST to the ref , hey Dummy you dont chastise someone (Facebrooke) who just got cheap shotted off the ring apron , IDIOT...anyway, the SMS crew were a pretty good unit as it happens, Chad had quite the range of moves as did Brooke, one of which was her chops , talk about an echo, Matty must be stinging this A.M,  Chad escaped a triangle choke applied by Wahlberg with a power bomb, and then after a smidge of tooing and froing including Brooke doing a squat or two while she had Harley on her shoulders , Snapchad grab a 3 count with a Death Valley Driver variation, which the ref didn't knacker ...Cudo's SMS

After the break, the other member of #SMS Unsocial Jordan made an appearance to try and take Gavin McGavins title from him, and Jordan was on fire mexican armdrags , headstand huncanranas, he even chucked in a bridging pin for giggles BUT the bloke from West Aussie wasnt too foul himself , just a lot more heelish, the crowd thought a chgange was coming when Gavin removed a corner pad , they thought sure he was gonna get his head rammed into it or some such , but nup, a dastardly low blow followed by a DDT let Gavin Mc  keep his strap...

All you had to do was hear about this match and you knew the screaming twit was gonna get mashed by Full Force and apart from a couple of cuddles the only move Ricky managed was flying through the air semi conscious ...Mat Roger by a rural kilometre. 

So, Id heard about em and now I got to see at least two of em JUAN DIRECTION was in Gosford and if I got my team members right we had the privilige of Romantic Juan and Giant Juan unfortunately they were taking on Four Nation members Jack Bonza and Sean "Swagzilla" Kustom and try as they might the two Juans had little effect a team that quite frankly invoked the spirit of Arn Anderson (Bonza)  and Bobby Eaton (with a smidge of Orton) ( Kustom) theey just kept hitting grouse tag team moves one after the other until they got the 3 count , I think Bonz and Swag even won the dance off

And thus we arrived at  the main event of the evening , for the Newy Pro Middleweight Strap

Champion, the Strong and Bravidson , CONCRETE DAVIDSON took on the former champ and huge sharkie's fan, Robbie Eagles , who my head still cant accept as a heel, BUT WHAT A HEEL, he did nothing for 3 minutes and had the whole joint bagging him.
Robbie tried the lot, wrestling moves when he worked Davo's leg over, and heelish bits , when he launched a belt shot at Davos noggin, and even got the ref in the mix, BUT the Deliverer of Sound Thrashings buckled not a jot and proceeded to commence launching Robbie all over everywhere with a variety of suplexe's, he clotheslined him over the barrier at one point  then got him back in the ring and hit Eagles with a Concrete Destroyer (well we aint in Canada) Concrete climbed to the third floor and hit Robbie with a Swanton for a hard earned 3 count 

the crowd were stoked, another fantastic Newy Pro show at CCLC  , and I personally got to complement Hunter Hayes on his ability and got a photo with the bloke 

Catch Ya Later

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Progress Turns 40-ish (a snapshot blogaroo)

I was just watching some very recent Progress Chapters and thought Fark Moi Im gonna usae the snapshot app on vlc player and make a blogaroo up...so I did , this aint all the action from the 40s BUT its the bits that rung a bell in Wirlif land...enjoy

SO...there you go...hope its not clear as mud ..

Seeya around

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Recking Balls MCW highlights of 2016 (a photo blog)

G'day, here is a few of my fave moments from MCW of 2016....you may agree , you may not, whatever.....Upwards and Onwards

So there you go....like I said just a few moments


Thursday, February 16, 2017

a few favourite Progress moments from 2016 (a picture study)

all pics courtesy of PROGRESS WRESTLING