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Monday, May 18, 2015

PILEDRIVER...Australia very own wrestling mag

Wrestling mags!...been around for a good long time , and over the years Ive had a couple of favourites, starting out with the mags Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Inside Wrestling  and The Wrestler, all brilliant and as we know now, unparalled, stunning works of fiction, but its what we had for our edification..

HELL...before that we had a short clipping in the Sunday papers in Sydney (and every other state I guess) that gave us a the show results from the Sydney Stadium the night before...so I wasnt complaining.

And so it went,  I purchased PWI and its cousins and went on my merry way getting into wrestling deeper as the yonks raced by.

One day (and I cant remember how or when) I discovered a wrestling hotline in Australia that gave the O.S results a damn side quicker than the mags ever did, and Im fairly certain this is when I first heard about, quite possibly, the greatest wrestling mag ever, and it was a Aussie publication , called PILEDRIVER,  and to quote Master Yoda "Stoked I was"...

I went to a newsagent at Wentworthville to get my first issue, which was the December #6 issue, the 1990 Annual with Hogan on the cover, and a story inside that gutted him to be fair, 40 BIG pages for only  $6, it was from here that my Piledriver addiction started, sadly I missed a few issues , but I still ended up with about 15 or so...which I still have to this day.

The writers of the mag were outstanding, I dont think Ive ever met any of them, not that it matters, the list of journalistic greatness that provided content for PILEDRIVER were truly talented, and their nom de plumes were brilliant...

Ed Lock, Laz Dr D, Leapin Larry and Dennis Twilight, just to name a couple...the stories they pumped out were decidely bonza AND totally opposite to the tripe that Apter was selling as journalism, which is why they were so great, they didnt treat the punters like mugs AND they always saved space for aussie show reports 

...this particular column was called "Harbor City Havoc" and had all the guys of the time who were working RSL clubs such as Liverpool and Ingleburn...guys like my longtime personal favourite, Ken "Dazzler" Dunlop and his longtime tag partner and occasional opponent Wayne "Lofty" Pickford, Ace Fenton, Rod "Stinger" Borthwick, Thunderbolt, "Dynamite" Danny Burns, Skyhawk and Blade Runner.

Piledriver also re-lived the glory days of Channel nine tv , storys about famous angles and workers were a staple of the mag , stories about Brusier Brody and Killer Kowalski jumping on Pepper Gomez's alledgedly indestructible stomach (he missed) were among my favourites ...they had interviews with Mike Hunt and Roy Heffernen and devoted many a page to the Classic days of Aussie wrestling.

The mag also gave detailed reports about OS tours , shows like Wrestleriot I & II (which I caught at Tweed Heads RLFC) that had talnt like Jushin Thunder Liger, The Malenkos, Hawk, Smash and Americas favourite jobber, Mr Pin Me, Pay Me, Bobby Blaze

They also did a whiz bang report in issue #9 about the  IWA show that was held at Wonderland over a couple of weeks that starred Paul Orndorff , Kamala, The Terminator(one of the Lauranitis boys)and Jules Strongbow among others.

They also did a cracking series about Ric Flair over a couple of issues..it was a decided must read at the time, Piledriver covered the fued with Vader (which I still think is one of the best WCW title matches ever) , they touched on Flairs relationship (or lack there of ) with Dusty, they even delved into the how comes and why for's that the potential Super match between Flair and Hulk never came about at the WWF, Im still trying to figure that one out meself.

They told the tale of Bret Hart being bollocksed over at WWF and  WCW, and whipped a cracking issue dedicated to Big Van Vader when he was at the peak of his powers , issue #22 covered Razor heading off to WCW and #24 had a comedy piece ( I think) about Sid ruling the WWF.....They had a couple of dedicated mini issues in 1995 and 96  for The Bulldogs, Macho Man, Benoit and HBK as well.

And like any great magazine they had a section for lunatics out there to vent thier respective spleens , or even to send in artwork ( some even by a fella called Greg Bownds...could it be?)  this section was called Grunt & Groans and your faithful blogger even got a couple of letters printed ...mind you the mark factor was ridiculous...but you sorta knew it would be.....Sadly,  I sort of lost track after about issue 33, you know The Rock on the cover one...BUT the pile of drivers, I do have,  are still read through occasionally ...and Piledriver had some cousins from Blighty pick us the slack, with both Power Slam ( which only just stopped printing) and FSM keeping the curtain pulled back for all us wrasslin fans.

SO...too all the Wrestlers, reporters, illustrators and general wrestling fans that helped PILEDRIVER become what it did...Cudo's to you all ....TOP BLOODY JOB.


Seeya next time

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GOSFORDMANIA II - The Return of Newy Pro


Well, Newy Pro said they would come back and sure enough, last Saturday night, 18 April, they did and we had what im gonna call GosfordMania 2....and a grouse time was had by all...even those fkn numbnuts that yell out inane shit that only they get ...
speaking of yelling inane shit, let me just have a whinge for a sec,  I have to ask, if you dont like wrestling, and it certainly appears that these fkn intelligentsia  dont, or if they do, they got a funny way of showing it, why would you waste coin on a ticket , sure they were having a hoot, but they were giving people around 'em the shits, and some of the stuff they said during the girls tag and when Madison was in the ring, was just wrong, I just dont get it....wonder why they bother?...never happened at the Hordern in the 70's or even Reveseby workers back in the 80's...

The curtain jerker for the evenings entertainment was, once again, the leader of the Pink Nation, "SwagZilla" Sean Kustom, who has got himself a nice shiny belt since last time we saw him at the Gosford Arena, and he was going up aginst a guy I hadnt ever seen, or heard of, for that matter before,  a fella called Insta Graham, who quiet frankly, looks like the love child of El Generico and Dasher Hatfield, Insta made his way around ringside, stopping for the occasional selfie with the masses....the bell rang and it was on.  I have to say that young Kustom is smooth in almost a Randy Orton-ish way, nothing seems like a effort, his dropkicks are off the charts brilliant, hell, all his stuff is pretty damn good.  Insta didnt suck either to be fair, but after some pretty good work, the Middleweight Champ got the pin...great start

The leader of The Blue Nation, Adam Hoffman,  with his Blue Floozies in tow and he was going up against Bee Boy who just came back from the states after a few shows over yonder...I like Bee Boy , his got that Chikara feel to him, having said that, I could watch Hoff wrestle nearly all day, I think Hoff was chucking in a few heelish moments  just to see if the crowd noticed, I certainly did, but then I  think the 4 Nations are a class heel group and should wrestle everywhere that way, but thats just me waving my "mark" card I guess, I a firm beleiver in maintaining a character across various feds, and I say this due to the intraweb shrinking the wrestling world, ANY WAY...Bee Boy was flying all over assundry, but Hoff hit a 450, got the 3 count, the Floozies got all excited and they shook on it and parted company

The Four way dance was announced and the last participant out, the local legend, one Concrete Davidson, who got the pop of the night I reckon, I might be byast...Davo was up against the Blue Oni, if someone could tell me what a Oni is, would be much appreciated, also in the match was the fella he grappled last time here at the Gosford Arena, Brian "The Heat" Seeker and a young fella called Matt Diamond who after a few years off after a powerbombing through a table hurt his back, was also included in the proceedings, Diamond, who  I first saw at The Cube when he was tagging with Robbie Eagles in "The Lightspeed Express" (and I bought the dvd)  is quite frankly  off the chart amazing...one of those rare gravity defying fellas...actually gravity defying dont cover it...he floated is more like it.   

Davo and Matt took a crack at some crowd popping moves, Concrete pulled off, what i now refer to as, the Concrete Pylon Power Bomb...at one point, I saw young Matt limp back through the curtain, I figured he musta done a hammy or his back or something, WRONG, ten seconds later he came flying across the stage and hit a flip somersault plancha (or something) on his opponents that made the crowd go WTF, LOL and all those abbreviations...sheer brilliance

After much tussling , grappling and athletic endeavour, the mighty Concrete got the pin...BUT...keep an eye on Diamond..just  wow.

I tweeted before the show the hashtag #BonzasGonnaStretchYou, and sure enough the Newy Pro champion and leader of the Red Nation, tied his six pack flashing opponent in knots, Bonz hit him with a couple of clotheslines that looked bloody near fatal, sure Spencer got in some offence, but, there was no doubt that Bonz was gonna slap him, and sure enough, in a very slick move, Bonza tied his opponent up in a four leaf clover-ish manouvre and beat him for the win...

.I been a fan of Bonz for a few years now, and I reckon he wouldnt of looked out of place during the "golden era" alongside Ronny, Larry and their co-horts

this match wasn't advertised, so it was a middle of the show "dark match" if you will, Matt Rogers was in a tag last time he was here with Chris Hermes v The Alpha's , this time he had a single against some westie from "Minnoh" called JT Robinson, who had a flash set of daks I must say,  and he did give "Full Impact " a tussle or three, but, Full Impact was having none of it and commenced to proceed to slap Mr Minto around and  in the end got the 3 

Came time for Rachel Rose and her tag partner, the shiela that drives you into a frenzy, the sheila called Shazza Mckenzie, to tussle with Adam Hoffman two biggest fans "The Blue Floozies"  the coasts very own, Charli Evans  and her partner Jessica Troy....and it wasnt a bad match to be fair, some of Jessica's moves were , to my eyes, a tad unsure, but that will improve with time, and cudos to Shimmer veteran and occasional PWWA champ Shazza for leading the way and putting on a pretty good match...even if Shazza and Rachel won..BOO HISS..evil heels

The main event of the evening, for the PWA tag team championship, YEP, I said the PWA Tag belts , you know the ones usually tussled over at the Casula Powerhouse, them omes ...anyway.....This fued has been going for yonks, The Neo Sovereign Revolution v Moretti and Madison have been tearing up the Powerhouse at  Casula, The Cube at Campbelltown and now the Gosford Arena ... and if you appreciate aussie wrestling, and I do, it was Ronnie Miller and Larry O'dea ( with some help from Lewin, Curtis and Tex McKenzie, am I showing my age?) that got me hooked then this was a dream match for you, four of the best ever, including the Queen of SHIMMER,  in one ring at approximately the same time, well, it was lucha rules you see, and cheeky bloody Moretti used all his tricks including and not withstanding, the Sweaty Ball Atomic Elbow, Madison, Robbie and good old "Crossface Orange" Ryan turned it up and went for it, planchas, topes, and all those other mexican delicacies, were on display for the appreciative masses, BUT, you just knew that The Green Nation would get by on some chicanery and they did, one belt shot later and they retained their titles

Another top night put together by the Newy pro guys, best get some dvds sorted guys, I wouldnt mind some for the collection...and the crowd was into it, which is a good sign that they may make us a regular gig, which I wouldn't complain about ...although Im gonna change my seat, and get away from the dipsticks.

And as a WIRLIF public service here are Twitter handles for the Newy Pro gang

NEWY PRO - @NewyProWrestlin

CONCRETE DAVISON - @StrongConcrete

JACK BONZA - @JackBonza

RYAN EAGLES - @KingKong_Eagles

MICK MORETTI - @NewSpiceMint


MADISON EAGLES - @SeriouslyEagles

SEAN KUSTOM - @SeanKustom

BEE BOY - @TheBeeBoy

SHAZZA McKENZIE - @Shazza_McKenzie

CHARLI EVANS  - @Charli_Evans1

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time to Man Up ..its the tale of DEM BOYZ

G'day, have I mentioned how great the Briscoes are?...no, well they are, either solo or tagging Dem Boyz are just about two of the finest pro wrasslers on the face of the planet...cant honestly say when i first saw them, but  can tell you when they got cemented in the WIRLIF hall of Fame....the stink they had with The kings of Wrestling on HDNet, I ws watching it on the net and I was that impressed I bought the dvd of the show where Dem Boyz poppa, "Big Man" helped whooped the Kings and that bloody Haggadorn and the the Queen of wrestling...yep I was hooked.....been a complete Briscoe mark since whether they were heels or not ...so after a stack of wiki study, here is the tale of DEM BOYZ

The Briscoe Brothers are the professional wrestling tag team of Jay Briscoe (Jay Pugh) and Mark Briscoe (Mark Pugh). They are currently wrestling for the American promotion Ring of Honor (ROH) and in the past have worked most notably for Full Impact Pro (FIP), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), as well as Japanese promotion Pro Wrestling Noah.

The Briscoe Brothers are best known for their work in Ring of Honor and, along with Christopher Daniels are the only wrestlers currently working for the company who were featured on its first-ever event on February 23rd 2002. Other than an 18-month absence from August 2004 to February 2006, the brothers have been focal points of the company throughout its history, feuding with some of their biggest stars and holding the ROH World Tag Team Championship a record eight times as a team. On December 29, 2007, during their fourth reign, the Briscoe Brothers became the longest reigning tag team champions in ROH history. The record was broken three years later by The Kings of Wrestling. Jay is currently in his second reign as the ROH World Champion.

The brothers first became interested in wrestling in their youth by watching the World Wrestling Federation on one of the two channels their television could receive. Originally, they practiced wrestling moves with one another on a trampoline before the family built a wrestling ring in their backyard. From the beginning, the two of them worked on honing their craft, taping their moves and trying to improve them. Despite the fact that their dad was a coach for their high school's wrestling team, they did not participate in amateur wrestling in their high school years. Their first foray into professional wrestling came with the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA), while they were still in high school. While their mother, Jana, was in line to purchase tickets to attend a wrestling event, a promoter for the ECWA approached her and asked if her sons had a tape of themselves wrestling. This led to the brothers debuting for ECWA on May 20, 2000 under the ring names "Jay and Mark Briscoe"

The Briscoe Brothers have wrestled most extensively for Ring of Honor. Jay wrestled on ROH's first-ever show, The Era of Honor Begins, losing to Amazing Red. Mark seconded him to the ring but could not wrestle because of Pennsylvania's child labor law (most of ROH's earliest shows took place in Philadelphia). Jay wrestled each of ROH's next four shows, against Spanky, Tony Mamaluke, Doug Williams, and James Maritato, losing to all but Mamaluke. At Honor Invades Boston, when Mark was able to perform, he defeated his brother, in the second-to-last match of the night.

 The Brothers went on briefly to feud against each other, during which time Jay scored a non-title win over ROH Champion Xavier at Glory By Honor. This earned him a title shot at All-Star Extravaganza, which he did not win.  At Scramble Madness, back in Boston, the brothers' storyline involved them picking their own partners for a tag team match. Jay picked past foe Amazing Red, whereas Mark's partner was Christopher Daniels, as he seemingly joined The Prophecy. Daniels pinned Red to win the match. The Brothers' feud against one another concluded at the First Anniversary Show, when Jay defeated Mark in a match, and the two hugged afterward to signify their reunion. Mark never explicitly left the Prophecy, but in forming a team with his brother, he stopped teaming with them.

The Brothers took part in the gauntlet match at Glory By Honor 2, which was held to fill the tag team championship left vacant by Red suffering a serious knee injury. They defeated and eliminated the Special K team of Hydro and Angeldust as well as The Ring Crew Express, before being eliminated by the other Special K team in the match, Izzy and Dixie, due to outside interference from Angeldust.  After Izzy and Dixie later won the tag team title, the Brothers were granted a shot at it, at Main Event Spectacles. The reason given in the storyline was they were given the shot since they only lost in the gauntlet match because Special K cheated

 In the opening segment of that event, they hooked up with Jim Cornette, because, in the storyline, Cornette wanted to create new champions.  They went on to win the belts later in the show.  At The Conclusion, The Battle Lines Are Drawn, and The Last Stand, which was by stipulation Joe's last shot at the tag team title for as long as the Briscoe Brothers held it, they retained the belts over Joe and a different partner each time, A.J. Styles, Bryan Danielson, and Jerry Lynn respectively. Since Joe took pinfalls at The Conclusion (to Mark) and The Last Stand (to Jay), both brothers subsequently earned shots at his world title. Both fell; Mark at Final Battle 2003 and Jay at At Our Best in a memorable and bloody steel cage match.

The Briscoes debuted at PWG's fourth-ever show Are You Adequately Prepared to Rock? in October 2003, losing to Super Dragon and B-Boy. Due to the costs of bringing them in from the East coast and the sabbatical from the sport the brothers took, they would not appear again until May 20, 2006, at Enchantment Under the Sea, falling to Cape Fear (Quicksilver and El Generico). At the 2006 Battle of Los Angeles, the Briscoes' numerous no-shows were worked into the company's kayfabe when PWG announced days before that they had been pulled from the tournament as punishment. They wound up appearing anyway, attacking Commissioner Dino Winwood on Night One. The next night, they wrestled in a three-way tag team match for the PWG World Tag Team Championship against Homicide and B-Boy and defending champions Arrogance (Chris Bosh and Scott Lost), who went on to retain the titles.

The Briscoes next appeared on May 19 and May 20, 2007, to participate in the inaugural DDTT Tournament, created to declare new World Tag Team Champions. After defeating the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) in the Opening Round and the Havana Pitbulls (Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero) in the Semifinals, they lost in the Final Round to Roderick Strong and PAC. At ¡Dia de los Dangerous! on February 24, 2008, "Commissioner of Food and Beverage" Excalibur announced that the Briscoe Brothers would return on March 7. 

That night, the Briscoes challenged for the World Tag Team Championship, but were unable to defeat The Dynasty (Joey Ryan and Scott Lost), following interference from Eddie Kingston and Claudio Castagnoli, members of Human Tornado's stable. The Briscoes were scheduled for the 2008 DDT4, but Mark was unable to perform, causing Jay to wrestle in singles matches against Austin Aries on Night One and a Necro Butcher Rules match against Necro Butcher on Night Two.

After failing to show up at the fifth year anniversary show Life During Wartime on July 6, 2008, Excalibur announced that Jay was "fired" from the company (even though PWG has never been contractual) and wouldn't be allowed to come back.  However, nearly two years later on March 20, 2010, it was announced that the Briscoe Brothers would return to the company on April 10 to challenge The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) for the World Tag Team Championship. On April 10 at Titannica, the Briscoes made their long-awaited return to the promotion, but were defeated by The Young Bucks. 

The next month, the brothers competed in the fourth annual DDT4, defeating Kamikaze (Akira Tozawa and Yamato) in the opening round before being eliminated by eventual winners ¡Peligro Abejas! (Paul London and El Generico). On March 4, 2011, the Briscoe Brothers were entered into DDT4 once more, this time losing to the Nightmare Violence Connection (Akira Tozawa and Kevin Steen) in the first round.

the Briscoe Brothers returned to ROH at the Fourth Anniversary Show in 2006, forcibly including themselves in a match that was at first between the teams of Tony Mamaluke and Sal Rinauro and Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze. They then feuded for the tag team championship again, but much as they had against Styles and Red three years earlier, they lost in three shots against the champions at the time, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, at Ring of Homicide, Destiny, and Unified.  It was around this time that the Brothers became enforcers for Jim Cornette's heel character as ROH Commissioner, fighting battles against his enemies, most notably Homicide and his partner Samoa Joe at Glory By Honor V: Night Two and in anything goes, falls count anywhere, elimination match at Dethroned.  During this time, they also feuded with Kenta and his partners Davey Richards and Naomichi Marufuji, facing Kenta and Richards at Time to Man Up and Kenta and Marufuji at Glory By Honor V: Night One.

At All Star Extravaganza III, they won the title back from Doi and Shingo, but in the course of the match Mark was seriously injured attempting a Shooting Star Press to the floor. Mark was kept in the ICU of hospital for two nights, and suffered a seizure there before eventually being released.

Two weeks later, at Fighting Spirit, Mark made an unadvertised and unannounced return, entering through the crowd to come to his brother's side during his match with Erick Stevens against Kevin Steen and El Generico. The storyline was that with Mark out and injured, Jay was tagging with Stevens as a replacement. The No Remorse Corps then ran in and attacked Stevens, and Jay was momentarily left without a partner until Mark entered. Mark eventually suffered the fall in the match after several bumps to the head.[They then began to feud with Steen and Generico. After successfully retaining the tag title over Claudio Castagnoli and Matt Sydal at ROH's first pay-per-view Respect is Earned, Steen and Generico showed up and immediately demanded their title shot; the scene followed with a wild brawl all over the building. The feud was followed on both ROH's standard canon, with Steen defeating Mark at A Fight at the Roxbury, and the PPV series, with the Brothers successfully retaining the tag team title against Steen and Generico at Driven, after which Steen repeatedly attacked both brothers with a ladder. The Briscoes then retained over Steen and Generico in a steel cage match at Caged Rage and in ROH's first-ever ladder match at Man Up.

Mark was again injured in a motorcycle accident, though considerably less serious, Jay was alone in a match held at the taping for ROH's fourth PPV, Undeniable.
At Final Battle 2007, the Briscoes lost the ROH World Tag Team Championship to Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black of The Age of the Fall, but won it back on April 12, 2008, at Injustice, defeating Richards and Romero, who had since won the championship from Jacobs and Black. 

 On December 19, 2009, at Final Battle 2009, the Briscoes won the ROH World Tag Team Championship for a record sixth time by defeating The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards). They went on to lose the championship to the Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) at the The Big Bang! pay-per-view on April 3. 
and then came the match I mentioned earlier when The Briscoe Brothers ended their feud with the Kings of Wrestling on December 18 at Final Battle 2010, where they teamed with their father Mike "Papa" Briscoe in a six man tag team match, where they defeated Hero, Castagnoli and their manager Shane Hagadorn.

On March 19 at Manhattan Mayhem IV, the Briscoe Brothers turned heel after suffering an upset loss against the All Night Xpress (Kenny King and Rhett Titus). On September 17 at Death Before Dishonor IX, the All Night Xpress defeated the Briscoe Brothers in a ladder match to become the number one contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship.[105] At Final Battle 2011 on December 23, the Briscoes defeated Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship for the seventh time, turning back to faces in the process. On May 12, 2012, at Border Wars, the Briscoe Brothers lost the title back to Haas and Benjamin. On December 16 at Final Battle 2012: Doomsday, the Briscoe Brothers defeated S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) and Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander in a three-way match to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship for the eighth time. They lost the title to Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly on March 2, 2013, at the 11th Anniversary Show.

On April 5 at Supercard of Honor VII, Jay defeated Kevin Steen to become the ROH World Champion. Jay made his first successful title defense on May 4 at Border Wars 2013 against Adam Cole. On June 22 at Best in the World 2013, Jay successfully defended the ROH World Championship against Mark.

 The following day, Jay made another successful title defense against Matt Hardy. During the weekend ROH shot injury angles with both Briscoes.  On June 25, it was reported that both Jay's and Mark's contracts with ROH had expired and would not be renewed. On July 3, Ring of Honor stripped Jay of the ROH World Championship.  On July 16, ROH announced Mark as the sixteenth and final entrant in a tournament to determine the new ROH World Champion, while also noting that Jay was slated to be out of action for three to six months. Mark was eliminated from the tournament in his first round match on July 27 by Adam Cole.

 Jay returned to ROH on September 20 at Death Before Dishonor XI to hand the title belt to the winner of the tournament, Adam Cole, who proceeded to attack him afterwards. On September 28, Mark won the Honor Rumble to earn a shot at the ROH World Championship, but was later that same event defeated by Cole. On October 26 at Glory By Honor XII, Jay entered a storyline, where he introduced his own ROH World Championship belt titled the "Real World Title", claiming that he was the true champion since he had never been defeated for the title. Jay received his shot at the ROH World Championship on December 14 at Final Battle 2013, but was defeated by Cole in a three-way match, which also included Michael Elgin. On February 8, 2014, Jay defeated Cole to retain his version of the ROH World Championship. The two world titles were unified in a ladder match on April 4 at Supercard of Honor VIII, where Cole was victorious, following outside interference from Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett.  

On May 17, the Briscoe Brothers took part in the ROH/New Japan Pro Wrestling co-produced War of the Worlds iPPV, where they unsuccessfully challenged Bullet Club (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) for the IWGP Tag Team Championship. On September 6 at All Star Extravaganza 6, Jay recaptured the ROH World Championship from Michael Elgin, becoming only the second two-time holder of the title.

The Briscoe Brothers began regularly working for ROH's sister promotion, Full Impact Pro (FIP), in September 2006, after two appearances in May. They won the FIP Tag Team Championship from The Heartbreak Express in their fourth event with the promotion, Southern Justice, after previously winning a number one contenders match over Davey Richards and Colt Cabana. On November 11, at Evening the Odds, the Briscoes were aligned with newly crowned FIP Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong as members of his team for a five-on-five elimination match, where the three of them were the only survivors. After Necro Butcher beat Mark and Mad Man Pondo fought Jay to a no contest on February 2 at Dangerous Intentions '07, the two of them, known as a team as The Deathmatch Kings, fell in a tag title match the next night at In Full Force '07. Both brothers competed in the FIP Florida Heritage Title Tournament held at the next event, the Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts, but Mark fell to Delirious in the first round and Jay to Roderick Strong in the semifinals.

 Their feud with the Deathmatch Kings continued at International Impact weekend, April 20 and April 21, culminating in the Brothers retaining the tag team title in a bar room brawl on night two. The Briscoes further went on in 2007 to retain the title in matches over the likes of Tyler Black & Marek Brave, Black & Trik Davis, and Irish Airborne.  On November 9, at Unstoppable 2007, their year-long title reign ended, when they dropped the belts to Kenny King and Jason Blade.

The Briscoe Brothers toured with Noah in 2007, winning the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship on January 7, 2007 from the team of Takashi Sugiura and Yoshinobu Kanemaru. However, they quickly dropped it two weeks later to Ricky Marvin and Kotaro Suzuki, essentially making them transitional champions. They returned for three shows in July, the first a time limit draw against Kenta and Taiji Ishimori, the second a victory alongside Nigel McGuinness over Takuma Sano, Takashi Sugiura, and Tsutomu Hirayanagi, and the third a loss with McGuinness to Mitsuharu Misawa (Noah's owner), Yoshinari Ogawa, and Ricky Marvin. They have since gone back for further tours.

On November 24, 2009, the Briscoe Brothers had a tryout for World Wrestling Entertainment at their SmackDown! and ECW tapings. The following month they were invited for a tryout at Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE's developmental territory. As revealed by the Briscoes in a YouTube video, they were eventually turned down by WWE as they were not "cosmetically pleasing" to suit WWE's programming

Return to Combat Zone Wrestling (2010–2011, 2012)
On December 11, 2010 at Cage of Death XII The Briscoes Returned to CZW challenging newly crowned CZW World Tag Team Champions Philly's Most Wanted of Blk Jeez and Joker to a title match in January. On January 7, 2011 at "From Small Beginnings Come Great Things" Philly's Most Wanted retained the CZW World Tag Team Championships against the Briscoe Brothers in a no contest. The Briscoes then challenged Philly's Most Wanted to a no disqualification rematch. On February 12, 2011 at "Twelve: The Twelfth Anniversary Event" The Briscoe Brothers defeated Philly's Most Wanted to become the new CZW World Tag Team Champions. They lost the title back to Philly's Most Wanted on May 14, 2011. The Briscoes returned to CZW again on November 10, 2012, facing Dave and Jake Crist in a losing effort.

Double-team finishing moves
Briscoe Bottom (Double sitout side slam)– early 2000s
Cut-Throat Driver (Mark) / Diving leg drop (Jay) combination
Shooting star press (Mark) / Diving leg drop (Jay) combination
Spike Jay-Driller (Springboard spike double underhook piledriver)
Springboard doomsday device, sometimes with Mark doing a 180° turn in mid-air
Double-team signature moves
Double forehand chops using both hands to an opponent in the corner
High elevation double hip toss
High elevation double military press drop
Pendulum backbreaker (Jay) / Diving knee drop (Mark) combination
Redneck Boogie (Crucifix powerbomb (Mark) / Neckbreaker (Jay) combination)
Sidewalk slam (Mark) / Diving leg drop (Jay) combination
Simultaneous running low-angle big boot / running low-angle dropkick combination to the head of an opponent seated in the corner
Spinebuster (Jay) / Springboard spinning wheel kick (Mark) combination
Three-point stance followed into a double shoulder block
Uppercut (Mark) followed by a leg lariat (Jay) followed by a jawbreaker (Mark) followed by a jumping big boot (Mark) and finished with a reverse STO (Jay)

Jay's finishing moves

Crucible (Sitout suplex slam)
Jay-Driller (Double underhook piledriver)
Military press dropped into a Death Valley driver
Diving senton – early 2000s
Jay's signature moves
Arched big boot
Diving leg drop
Elevated cutter
Frog splash
Full nelson slam
Hangman's neckbreaker
Muscle buster
Reverse STO, sometimes into the turnbuckle
Sitout inverted suplex slam,sometimes from the top rope
Three-quarter nelson suplex
Mark's finishing moves
Cut-Throat Driver / Mark-Out (Cut-throat inverted Death Valley driver)
Froggy Bow (Frog splash elbow drop)

Mark's signature moves

Crab Walk (Briscoe walks sideways on the middle rope before hitting a diving senton)
Crane kick
Fisherman buster
Redneck Kung Fu (Multiple throat thrusts followed by a leg lariat to the back of the opponent's head)
Saito suplex
Shooting star press, sometimes springboarding to the outside

Slingshot double foot stomp
Springboard cutter
Jim Cornette
Uncle Jethro
Poppa Briscoe

Entrance themes
"Gimme Back My Bullets" by Lynyrd Skynyrd
"The Cross" by Nas
"Sleeping All December" by Death Valley Driver
"Reach for the Sky" (Jay Briscoe) by Adam Massacre
"Anthem of Sussex County Chicken" (Mark Briscoe) by Adam Massacre

Jay Briscoe is the two-time and current ROH World Champion, as well as a record eight-time ROH World Tag Team Champion (with brother Mark)

Combat Zone Wrestling
CZW World Tag Team Championship (2 times)
Extreme Rising
Match of the Year (2012) vs. The Blk Out vs. Los Dram├íticos 
Extreme Rising Moment of the Year (2012) Debut in a Cage match against Blk Out and Los Fantásticos.
Full Impact Pro
FIP Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Jersey Championship Wrestling
JCW Light Heavyweight Championship (1 time) – Mark
NWA Wildside
NWA Wildside Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated
PWI ranked Jay #27 of the top 500 wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2013
PWI ranked Mark #49 of the top 500 wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2013
Pro Wrestling Noah
GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Pro Wrestling Unplugged
PWU Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Real Championship Wrestling
RCW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Ring of Honor
ROH World Championship (2 times, current)– Jay
ROH World Tag Team Championship (8 times)
Honor Rumble (2013) – Mark
Squared Circle Wrestling
2CW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
USA Xtreme Wrestling
UXW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards
Tag Team of the Year (2007)