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Friday, September 8, 2017

Who is that Masked Man ?

Now you would have to be blind or a nitwit not to figure out that im a big fan of luchador enmascarado or masked wrestlers if you like and not just those highly agile chaps in Mexico either , i got favourite masked guys in a few places , some are still around, some have removed the hood and some are on the great PPV in the sky ....so lets discuss said residents from Parts Unknown

The First Masked Man in Wirlif World
Without any fear of contradiction , the first masked man I can clearly recall seeing , on my local tv , was THE SPOILER who was in Australia as part of Gary Harts Army 
He didnt say much but that only scared me more, he didt rant and rave , he just went and did it ...and he walked the top rope like a gymnast.....Brilliant

THE ASSASSIN - How good was Jodie Hamilton ?...he was the consumate heel and one helluva trainer by all accounts.
MASKED SUPERSTAR - Quite probably my favourite American hood wearer from the 70s and 80s, only saw him a couple of times on matches from MSG at the time, but the magazines put him over for me and then  he was even brilliant as part of Demolition ...Bill Eadie is a genius
MR WRESTLING II - Once again only a guy I saw through the mags initially , then I got a VHS of Bill Watts stuff and saw Wrestling turn on Magnum, so BOOOOO...but yay as well

Whose better than MORTIS?...Ive seen just about the whole world rip the crap out of the WCW blood Runs Cold angle, and yes Glacier was a nufty, but Chris Kanyon done more than his fair share and I thought he was brilliant
Del Wilkes was The Patriot and Id heard about him in the mags, then Vince signed him and whoever was booking him (alongside Mr McMahon) should be jailed for the butcher job they did on him...still I liked him , just a case of wrong place , wrong time I guess.
If Brad Armstrong (RIP) dont end up in a Hal of Fame then im a monkeys relative, apart from his consimate ring skills, he was truly a company man, they dressed him up in some horrendous gimmicks , but he always gave his best AND his best was Badstreet, one third of the last incarnation of the Fabulous Freebirds, it could be said that he was the Buddy Roberts of the group , which is the highest praise anyone can give him ( he sure out worked Jimmy Jam and PS)

So there I was watching NItro one day ( cause it was on Austar on a saturday avo) and who did I see but Rey Misterio, Pscicosis and La Parka , quite possibly 3 of the greatest performers in Lucha history, I actually have a dvd of Rey Rey when he was a skinny little kid in Tijuana working and we all know how far he has gone in the biz, Psicosis also was off the chart talented, sadly him and Juvey got signed by WWE and got turned into a crap comedy act...La Parka has carried on with success , even as far as headlining a Triplemania only a few years ago in a Mascara y Mascara barn burner.....and lets give a shout out to the other Luchadors that Bischoff squashed,  Juvey, Ciclope, Atlantis Jnr Super Calo  among others

Thanks to the invention of the Intraweb, I no longer had to rely on Apters fiction weeklies to get my mask fix ....I got to see other promotions that normally id never see, PWG, Chikara and ROH and New Japan (which I will get too later)

SO, these technological innovations allowed me to view vastly talented chaps like for instance
Yes, one third of the Throwbacks has made the list , what a vastly brilliant character and worker and a very definite inclusion on anybodys Greatest Masked Blokes ever.
One of ROHs greatest workers and one of Jim Cornettes favourite bookers, I first saw Delerious when he was scaring the crap and then beating the crap out of Austin Aries on ROH tv and I was impressed from the off.
Now here is a masked man thats done the lot, wrestled, booked , owned a company , the lot, from CZW to Rev Pro  to ROH and then onto starting up Pro Wrestling Guerilla (with a few mates) Dragon has a done it all and done it very very well.
Sadly this bloke has disappeared since his retirement match in PWG but prior to that he was a ROH staple , which is were I saw him, Generico was a tag champ multiple times until his partner, a bloke named Steen turned on him and those two demolished each other for a year in ROH , someone told me both guys changed their names and are working for Vince BUT I looked and yeh there is one guy that looks like Steen creating a ruckus on Smackdown, but I dont see that famous red and black mask anywhere and trust me I looked.

Also one of The Throwbacks along with Dasher Hatfiled , or he was when I saw him anyway, I first saw Mr Classic on the Wrestle Society X dvd set ( which I think is brilliant ) apparently he was frozen in ice  like Captain America since the 1920s , he also went to a 3 hour broadway with Frank Gotch, which is good enough for me, Like I said his been on Chikara King of Trios and also worked a indie show or two in his time ....alledgedly his biggest fan is Colt Cabana.

Yep its Puroresu  time sportsfans and havent the Japanese had some deadset masked legends , lets investigate shall we 

Yoshihiro Asai is truly a legend , he even got a move named after him (the Asai moonsault) AND his the only blike I ever saw with eight belts at once....
He started in 86 in the NJPW dojo but couldnt get past mid card, so he nicked off the Mexico where he worked in the UWA and learnt to Lucha like a latino, he even won the welterweight belt ...he then worked in Japan for Gran Hamada in the Universal Wrestling Fed, then in 1991, while working for CMLL in Mexico,  he designed the Ultimo dragon persona and hasnt been without it since, his worked all over the known world, including but not withstanding WCW, Torymon, WWE, All Japan and New Japan, which is were I saw him wrestle Liger in the Dome, there were some other guys on the card but I forget who they were...a deadset legend 

Speaking of legends 

Keichi Yamada, like Dragon, wrestled all over the place prior to putting on the Liger persona
among other places he worked as Flying Fuji Yamada  were Stampede, All Star Wrestling (UK)  then he came back to Japan and in 1989 was given the persona of Thunder by NJPW bookers 
His career then proceeded to erupt and he went a belt winning (and popularity ) spree that is virtually unequaled, even with brain tumour surgery he continued to defy gravity, although he did slow down on the aerobatics after the surgery.  Liger even had a heel run in 2001 - 2007 as the leader of CTU , Liger brought his heel persona to CMLL as well...... LIger san has worked just about everywhere , NJPW, ROH , WWE NXT, TNA, WCW, CMLL and PWG and won a loyal following in all of them, may he wrestle forever.

If you dunno who Tiger Mask is , then you must of been around for about 5 minutes, This masked man is a phenom, and the first owner  of the gimmick, Saturo Sayama, had a classic series with Dynamite Kid, of course some say that Misawa is the best Tiger Mask and I can see their point, but Sayama is my personal favourite ...Koji Kanemoto had a run as TM 3 with Yamazaki, Minowas and Kota Ibushi having runs as Tigers 4, 5 and W, hell there was even a female tiger mask (Candy Okutsu) called Tiger dream  and of course every hero need a heel so there has been many Black Tigers like  Rollerball Rocco, Silver King, Rocky Romero and Eddie Guerrerro

One day I was flicking through a mobile dvd stand at a local shopping centre and found some FMW Japan dvds with absolutely horrible gaijin commentators BUT it did have the flying ace HAYABUSA in multiple matches  and suffice it to say I was hooked .
Eiji Ezaki made his debut in 1987 and struggled in the japan indies until signing with Frontier Martial Arts dojo in late 1990, in 1991 through 93 he worked mid card matches then Onita sent him to Mexico for more training , it was while he was being trained by Rey Misterio Snr  that he developed the character of Hayabusa, he reamined in Mexico ti 1994 but did return home for a first round match in the Super J cup v Liger.
Busa returned to FMW in 95 and then began working their typical blood and guts matches, he did get a offer from WWE for a tryout but remained loyal to Onita, Hayabusa worked a ECW show  matched against RVD  ...then in 2001 after not quite doing a 2nd rope moonsault correctly, he shattered some vertabrae and ended up a paraplegic, he tried to start a singing career and was always popular at autograph signings until his death in 2016 of a brain heamorrage.

and finally a quick shout out to a guy who has gone virtually ignored BUT I still dug his work...Osamu Matsuda is better known by El Samurai and I first saw him on a Super J vhs tape I bought , and sure, his not got Chris Masters body or Ligers talent BUT he has got that undefinable x factor that I think rates him as one of the best masked workers Ive ever seen.

Leyendas de la Máscara
Now as you may of read in a previous blogaroo, I somehow stumbled my way into Mexico City the day before Santo passed away and then hung around for the funeral and one of the most amazing scenes of homage Ive ever seen....BUT ANYWAY...time to bow down to the Legends of Lucha Libre
Firstly let me say that  I havent seen a vast amount of actual wrestling by the legends listed below  BUT i have seen their super hero movies, so El Santo and Blue Demon are firm favourites

Then I got to see the co promoted show WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE between WCW , AAA & IWC
on this show I got to see, Masacrita Sagarada ( the mini Legend) Octagon, Heavy Metal, Latin Lover, Fuerza Guerrera (Juveys dad) Blue Panther, Love Machine , Perro Aguayo , Rey Misterio Jnr, Konnan and El Hijo Del Santo with a memorable run in by Los Hermanos Dinamita , I also found out after the show that Konnan actually wore a mask , so i included him in the pics...

then after the show I decided to investigate further into Mexican Lucha and went on to discover guys like  El Canek ( who wouldnt do a job if a bus hit him), El Solitario, Tineblas , Fantasma and I began a solid fan support of the Villanos Familia.
And then lets not forget LOS HERMANOS RODRIGUES or Mil Mascaras, El Sicodelico and Dos Caras if you like , all three brothers made it big in Lucha with somehow the least talented (Mil) becoming the biggest star, funny how that works that way huh?.


lets start off with probably my favourite Luchador of modern time , the man with many mascara

I first saw the original  Mistico on Youtube (as you do) and was so impressed I went on a dvd hunt and was very succesful in getting a couple of his greatest hits dvds his fued with and then subsequent turn to team with Averno was brilliant and his fued with Volador was just immense.
He then went to WWE as Sin Cara but for some reason stumbled and was sent home to Mexico and in 2014 signed with AAA as Myzteziz were he had one of the matches of the night ( or the year) vs Rey Mysterio at Triplemania  after signing up with CMLL in 2015 he changed his name to Caristico and has had quite the success


All of the above have grabbed hold of me in one way or another Averno, Mephisto & Ultimo Guerrero were the rudos that were giving Mistico (and all of CMLL) a hard time and did such a good job they are in my heart forever.....as for Dr Wagner Jnr and Atlantis , well those two are beyond legend in Mexico and have always kept my interest, as for those bloody clowns , AAA has got a goldmne on their hands with Pyscho Circus , whether they are fueding like now or when their together, the clown masks alone must make a fortune....and as for the mightiest Mite of them all , Masacrita Sangrada is the Santo of the minis in my opinion and as such should be treated with as much respect and maybe more than most of the CMLL, AAA or Lucha Underground rosters.

Suffice it to say my love of Lucha didnt stop when Mistico went to the WWE, his not the only hood wearer I dig, heres a few that have grabbed the attention whether in AAA or at the temple in Lucha Underground

Lets start with the token aussie in the list , Ryan Rollins has been a fave since his days in MCW but hasnt he gone ahead in leaps and bounds (pardon the pun) since putting on the flag mask, his been a trios team specialist in AAA although he did have a bit of a stink going with Daga there for a while...he was on this years Triplemania in a massive multi team match and he still managed to shine brightly ...although I may be byast.

Aero started out as "El Aquatico" while receiving trainig from Gran Apache he had a couple of goat based pesonas from there and then in 2006 he put on the Aerostar gear and then proceeded to amaze the world with his technique and blance AND he jumps out of lighting rigs just for giggles

Debuted in 1998 as Morfo then Jimmy Boy, your basic boy band gimmick...then in 2008 he became Gato Eveready /El Gato he used this persona till 2011, then he put on the Drago mask and got stuck straight in with a fued against Los Bizarros then came a stint as  in El Inframundo he won the AAA mixed tag with Faby Apache , he also worked in All Japan with Argenis.....in 2015 Drago won the Ala De Oro.....then came Lucha Underground and his challenge for the title held by Prince Puma , Drago also had a best of five series against Aerostar...he has since turned heel and holds the LU 6 man with Pindar and Vibora, he has also been known to light up the crowd at Casa Del PWG on occasion.

Started off in 2005 as "Mascara Oriental" in 2011 he was renamed Fenix and was booked straight away into a fued with his brother Dark Dragon and aswith everybody else in AAA he had a run in or six with Los Perros Del Mal.
he won a stack of titles in AAA , like the Fusion Championship, World tag titles, he got to the finals in the Copa Antonio Pena in 2013 he lost his Fusion belt in a ten way title match and also the rematch against El Hijo Del Fantasma, it was at this point he parted way with AAA
He has also worked Japan with stints in NOAH, Pro Wrestling Wave (?) and the Odo Promotion (?)....in 2015 he entered PWG BoLA and also Chikara in the King of Trios  tournament which he won with Aerostar & Drago.....he was also in the 2016 BoLA were he and Pentagon lost to the Young Bucks in a Title match....a stint with Sonjay Dutts  Lucha Limitado followed being crowned the first ever Corazon de Oro Champion, then in 2017 Fenix and Penta beat the Bucks for the PWG tag belts, his run in PWG also included a 2017 BoLA were he made the semi finals , after s stack of crap from AAA over who owns what he changed his name to Rey Fenix and copyrighted same ....VIVA REY FENIX

One of my alltime faves is the artist formerly known as Pentagon Jnr , he was also known as Dark Dragon which oddly enough makes him Rey Fenix's brother , his career kicked off in 2010 in AAA as Dark Dragon, then in 2012 he changed to Pentagon Jnr...in 2014 he joined Perros Del Mal and promptly won the AAA tag straps with Joe Lider, in 2016 he won the Reyes de Reyes (King of Kings)  then in july of that year won the AAA latin American belt which he lost to Johnny Mundo after a screwjob finish after losing a rematch in January 2017 at Gueres de Titanes he told AAA to stick their job up their arse and quit the promotion.

in 2014 he joined Lucha underground where after beating his brother up went on a arm snapping spree in honor of his unknown master,  he was gonna bust Sexy stars arm but Vampiro stopped him this led to a Cero Miedo match were he busted Vamps arm who then revealed his was Penta unknown master....at hte beginningof season 2 of LU Penta attacked Mil Muertes and busted his arm he challenged Matanza a couple of times without success in January 2016 at Ultima Lucha Dos he took the name Pentagon Dark after receiving further training form Vampiro, he didnt beat Matanza and then turned on Vamp forthwith....he has entered two BoLA s and him and Fenix have challenged the Bucks with varied success for the PWG championship...after AAA stopped him using the name Pentagon he will be now known as Penta El Zero M ...which works for me just fine


it goes without saying that Lucha in Mexico has a far more vast amount of 2nd and 3rd generation workers than in any other wrestling country (that I can work out anyway)'
Rey Fenix and Penta are heirs to a long history in Lucha , 

but I would have to say that the first sons of superstars would had to have been El Hijo Del Santo and Blue Demon Jnr , their dads had quite the movie career going there for a while, they even teamed up to vanquish the occasional rudo, there is now a Santo Jnr, the grandson of the original Saint , and on the Demon side Blue Demon jnr has his cousin Flama Solar working in Mexico.

And their is also a outbreak of Phantoms  with Fantasma son El Hijo Del Fantasma and nephew Fantasma Jnr flying around Mexican rings  honoring the mighty Fantasma 
SO , there you a blogaroo about my fave masked wrestlers , do with what you see fit

The Wonder from the UK El Ligero, Id heard for years about this bloke and now thanks to on demand video I have amassed quite a collection of El Ligero stuff from various UK promotions....Look him up if you havent

and Finally Prince Puma 
This blokes looks suspiciously like Ricochet if you ask me , but I suppose he cant help that , this bloke is beyond athletic and without doubt will be at or near the top of Lucha Underground for as long as he wants

So there you go, do with what you see fit

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Era of Downloading is Upon us

All I can say is ...thank the wrestling gods for the current state of technology that allows a complete nitwit like myself to be able to obtain any and all kinds of pro wrestling via a internet connection.

And trust me when i tell you that I was around watching wrestling when the absolute most you could get in Australia was originally a short clipping in the Daily Mirror sports section giving the results from Sydney Stadium the night before

 and then when Jim Barnett came to Aussie and we got 2 hours a week on tele for a few years....and no I wont babble on about how great the WAR was again.....

Of course Bill Apter helped out with his piles of absolute fiction for quite a few years until some genius figured out how to make a functioning VCR with the approriate tapes thereof 

At this point, while still a bit difficult to get stuff at Video shops in Sydney for a fair while, I managed to rent both WWF and NWA/WCW tapes ( months behind but still) then for some reason the Power Station record shop at Bankstown Square started selling tapes 

, which was very cool...this whole time I was going to local shows in Sydney , wishing someone would tape this stuff and sell it..imagine if you will , a tape containing the Greatest Hits of Ken "Dazzler" Dunlop & Wayne"Lofty" Pickford , or The Baddest of The Black Scot...how good would that have been.

This carried on for a few years until Piledriver magazine appeared and I was able to get results of the local shows ...once again, how good would tapes of this been?...speaking of tapes , I managed to buy a few , I think through the wrestling hotline, by all means correct me if im wrong , odd stuff, Lucha and the eddie gilbert shoot..wacko huh?
So time went buy, and Orstralya got Austar satellite tele, which got me into WCW/nWo causse they were showing Nitro and the PPVs.....

and occasionally I went to Hoyts theatre at Parramatta Westfield cause they were showing the WWF ppvs on the big screen .....So through the years we ended up with virtually an inexhaustable supply of dvds, even got a PWA Call to Arms dvd  which was cool, cause I was at that show.

Around late 2015, I discovered a pommy company called Progress, they had a free show on You tube, which has also been a great aid in watching wrestling from all over 

everywhere, anyway, I found out they had a site where I could buy and download shows , a new thing called "ON DEMAND" had appeared on the Reckiing Ball radar well, that was me sold, and away I went, I now have about 25 Progress "Chapters" and aint stopping anytime soon......

Speaking of You Tube causing a spate of credit card manipulation, both Explosive Pro Wrestling  from West Aussie and MCW or Melbourne City Wrestling and their respective YT channels introduced me to Vimeo and I have a pile of both companies shows, and a few docos from Highspots  as well

 ....also on youtube , I kept seeing clips of Kayfabe Commentry stuff and one day gave into temptation and followed the link supplied and, naturally, bashed the debit card, and through DIY Wrestling, now have quite a selection , although It must be said, I dont get the having to buy tokens first than getting the download.

Now it has to be said that whilst getting the aussie stuff from vimeo (EPW, MCW, IWA etc etc) I wished long and hard, even crossed my fingers once or twice that PWA and Newy Pro (my local) would get into downloads of their shows , and guess what..go on guess?....yep, PWA and Newy pro got together and have established a pivotshare channel for the masses (hopefully) to obtain their shows from...

HOW GOODS THAT?...needless to say Im already on board ...ya gots to love the intraweb

So, as I'm wont to say occasionally...

 go get yaself some stuff and have a ball.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

GOSFORDMANIA VII : A Concrete Defence

Gday Sports fans,  Tis I with another Newy Report

Once upon a time on a freezing cold friggin  night , well, Saturday night actually, 375 ish rabid wrasslin fans showed up at Cenny Coast Leagues to cheer, boo, chant and generally have a grouse time , because NEWY PRO were in town, and what a show, allow me to babble somewhat coherently about it.......

The kickstart for the evening was a bloke from Badstreet v a cave dweller (3rd cave on the left ) the thing that occured to me was "Ugg's gonna mash him if he gets hold of him", but Hunter spent a good percentage of the match outsmarting the man from pre history, and for the first time , i actually saw someone jump on Uggs toes , sheer bloody genius, Hayes even escaped a Ugg bomb a time or two thgat was until one ugg bomb arrived he couldnt avoid and the Ugg monster dropped him for the win

P.S a big well done to Caveman Ugg , who I'm reliably informed got the POP of the night at the House of Hardcore show in Sydney town last week
PPS...Hunter is just gonna get better , keep an eye on him

The Crown Prince of Wollongong and proud Armada member Michael Spencer was up next and he was taking on a new masked grappler called Bear Claw, who i'd not seen prior to this , Spence was at his heelish best and conversely Claw was a half decent luchador, he was pulling of some cracking moves, having said that Mickey was matching him move for move , some evil, some not and then after a tad of torture The Prince took the win with some variety of flying kinshasa.

Once again a first for me , the other two members of #SMS arrived to tag up, Snapchad and Facebrooke took on Harley Wonderland and some self absorbed, chick magnet from Summer Bay called Matty Wahlberg, BUT FIRST to the ref , hey Dummy you dont chastise someone (Facebrooke) who just got cheap shotted off the ring apron , IDIOT...anyway, the SMS crew were a pretty good unit as it happens, Chad had quite the range of moves as did Brooke, one of which was her chops , talk about an echo, Matty must be stinging this A.M,  Chad escaped a triangle choke applied by Wahlberg with a power bomb, and then after a smidge of tooing and froing including Brooke doing a squat or two while she had Harley on her shoulders , Snapchad grab a 3 count with a Death Valley Driver variation, which the ref didn't knacker ...Cudo's SMS

After the break, the other member of #SMS Unsocial Jordan made an appearance to try and take Gavin McGavins title from him, and Jordan was on fire mexican armdrags , headstand huncanranas, he even chucked in a bridging pin for giggles BUT the bloke from West Aussie wasnt too foul himself , just a lot more heelish, the crowd thought a chgange was coming when Gavin removed a corner pad , they thought sure he was gonna get his head rammed into it or some such , but nup, a dastardly low blow followed by a DDT let Gavin Mc  keep his strap...

All you had to do was hear about this match and you knew the screaming twit was gonna get mashed by Full Force and apart from a couple of cuddles the only move Ricky managed was flying through the air semi conscious ...Mat Roger by a rural kilometre. 

So, Id heard about em and now I got to see at least two of em JUAN DIRECTION was in Gosford and if I got my team members right we had the privilige of Romantic Juan and Giant Juan unfortunately they were taking on Four Nation members Jack Bonza and Sean "Swagzilla" Kustom and try as they might the two Juans had little effect a team that quite frankly invoked the spirit of Arn Anderson (Bonza)  and Bobby Eaton (with a smidge of Orton) ( Kustom) theey just kept hitting grouse tag team moves one after the other until they got the 3 count , I think Bonz and Swag even won the dance off

And thus we arrived at  the main event of the evening , for the Newy Pro Middleweight Strap

Champion, the Strong and Bravidson , CONCRETE DAVIDSON took on the former champ and huge sharkie's fan, Robbie Eagles , who my head still cant accept as a heel, BUT WHAT A HEEL, he did nothing for 3 minutes and had the whole joint bagging him.
Robbie tried the lot, wrestling moves when he worked Davo's leg over, and heelish bits , when he launched a belt shot at Davos noggin, and even got the ref in the mix, BUT the Deliverer of Sound Thrashings buckled not a jot and proceeded to commence launching Robbie all over everywhere with a variety of suplexe's, he clotheslined him over the barrier at one point  then got him back in the ring and hit Eagles with a Concrete Destroyer (well we aint in Canada) Concrete climbed to the third floor and hit Robbie with a Swanton for a hard earned 3 count 

the crowd were stoked, another fantastic Newy Pro show at CCLC  , and I personally got to complement Hunter Hayes on his ability and got a photo with the bloke 

Catch Ya Later