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Monday, January 15, 2018

GOSFORDMANIA 2018 -.the return of the Novacastrians

WOO and also HOO , wrestling returned to the local entertainment establishment ...and it was Newy Pro and Im a huge Newy Pro fan ...so I frequented  the hostilities

The kickoff for the evening was a member of "the Armada" Michael Spencer vs a bloke id not had a chance to see yet, a member of "The Velocities" Jude "the Dude" London 

, Spencer took the time to inform the assembled throng that he was the prince of wrestling and we should all prostrate ourselves upon his entrance , 

yeah bollocks buddy, Jude on the other hand was a ball of speed and got stuck straight in , Spencer kept trying to ground him and succeded a time or two , 

but Jude took the air and defied gravity like a champion, then after a couple of lethal injection attempts , 

The Dude hit a Atomico Sling blade for the 3 count...crcking debut, hope he comes back.....PS they even did wrestles with the lights out , speaking of which , the lights got a pop from the crowd when they decided to cooperate.

Yep, the bruiser from the Blue Mountains ( winning the Big Mike lookalike contest) Jay law was out next and 

he was taking on Gorgeous Georges great great grandaughter, the rather flamboyant , from Oxford St, Ricky South

aw was a tad grumpy and threw his weight around  with clotheslines and slams, Ricky on the other hand tormented the crap out Law, blowing kisses and such like

,  and then to finish it off, hit Jay with a stylish clash and a powerslam for the win

....oh yeah the winner gets a heavyweight title shot 

First out came , I believe they called themselves "The Babes" (cant see it myself )

, Harley Wonderland and Carter Deam's and they took on

 #SMS members Facebrooke and Unsocial Jordan...now, the babes were outstanding in their heeldom , they absolutely confounded the zebra (who i'm fairly sure was on work experience) what a clueless dolt

 ....missed more evil stuff that the vice squad in the 70s ...geez, ARGHHHHHH...

anyway, Carter wasnt a bad worker to be fair but in the end Harley got the pin over Facebrooke for the win.

Big fudge and jt Robinson were gonna stoush to try and halt their losing streaks 

, Robbo ( 1 year) Fudge (forever)...

Too be fair Fudge had JT rockin and rolling for a bit, he even hit the floor a couple of time to slow down the king of ice cream...

Fudge got robbo on the ropes and tried for a belly to back suplex but robbo was a bit too heavy , he locked in a white noise slam and pinned fudge to end his run of crap luck

....kids went awww poor fudge, I went , time to turn into a whiny heel buddy and sneak your way to a few wins

I have to say Im a bit stoked that Full Force has the strap, wish he would make his mind up if his a heel or not , stay grumpy by all means , but unstraddle that fence fella

.....and he was going up against another sms'er SNAPCHAD...Chad looked keen and was up for it , but really, how keen can you be to get slammed , shoulder blocked , clotheslined and generally pounded on by Full Force for a half hour

 , Chad mask must of been too tight , anywhoo, Rogers bashed him into a pinning predicament for the win, 

Rogers next victim apparently s Ricky South who gets the honor by beating Jay law, methinks his gonna get mashed into a fine paste , but you never know.

Now I have to admit to being a bit of a fan of masked wrestlers , just not all of them , so when I saw that 4 Nations (Bonza & Hoffman) were goona go all four horseman on those babbling nimrods Jaun Direction , I was most stoked , I was gonna see a slaughter

 ...and the Nation boys statted off hot . pounding and stretching whichever Jaun they had hold of , At this point I must wonder allowed if Adam Hoffman is bionic , 

that arm protector of his looked lethal, anyway, the dancing fools got a bIt of action going until Hoffman hit a Arn Anderson quality spinebuster on one Juan, it was at this point those boy band wannabees crotched Hoffman on the top turnbuckle and snuck a pin in over Bonza to qualify

...I was nearly as pee'd off as the Nation, I would imagine.

Main event time . Newy Pro middleweight title , Conco vs Wahlberg....Matty was out first wearing a Central Coast Bears shirt and commenced to cut a promo about us not having a NRL team, whIch was fine, then he turned on the Mariners , 

well,I been a Mariners member for years so that was me done , he must of read my mind, which was saying, shut up and wrestle you loudmouth bogan nufty, oh yeah AND they'd nicked Concretes pushie (b*sta*ds) 

The Champ was out next which shut up stupid and his mates , the match commenced and the whole timeWahlbergs mates tried to help out , the trainee zebra didnt help , geez what a plonk, 

BUT Conco prevailed , he hit The Red Cup Kid with numerous Hammers and Concrete pylon power bombs ( you can call em electric chairs if you like) 

and even with Harley and Carter hanging around ringside , 

Wahlberg got slapped and the ref counted 3 ( which is about all he can count i reckon) Conco got his pushie back, and The Babes left whinging


PS ..Matty Wahlberg is one of the best heels ive seen in ages and since I been going to matches since 19 and 69 thats high praise from a jaded old bugger like me...keep it up son , you took me out of my head their for a bit ...good job.

Also got to meet Unsocial Jordan and Jude the Dude took a pic for us (thats not a selfie , right?) 

also my inner magpie took over and i grabbed some shiny newy pro pins, and then my alter ego Recking Ball got to meet Big Fudge , it was a deadset mask appreciation-a-thon

Top night of Newy pro entertainment ...Seeya next time

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sean Oliver , the King of Kayfabe (commentaries)

so recently after i had savd  my dollars and cents for a fair  bit , I had a bit of a shop and one of the things I bought was Sean Oliver, yes he of Kayfabe Commentaries, epic tome and then the thought occured , that i got a absolute shitload of KC product so i reckon i should do a blogaroo...so here it is ....by all means proceed..... 

A few years ago, i was perusing the intraweb and found a website that was the purveyor of shoot style wrestling stuff, but unlike some of the godawful crap out there , this was filmed very uber proffesionally and thus I became a fan of Kayfabe Commentaries .....

I started out getting dvds of the timeline series , and I got to say that these are truly brilliant, for the most part anyway, cant honestly say I enjoyed Roddy Pipers, who i thought was trying to kayfabe us and Bret Harts was a bit ...odd, but the other 98% have been fairly bonz , if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the Jim Cornette Timelines, and while I dont agree with every iota of Jims philosophy, he is a veritable genius when it come to pro wrestling , mind you, the greatest intercontinental champion of all time , The Honky Tonk Man does a damn fine job as well when it come to KC stuff, his Timeline was friggin awesome.

Speaking of excellent Timelines , Big Sexy, Sean Waltman and Kevin Sullivans versions are ridiculously good as well......

The next KC production I became familiar with were the You Shoot series, and I have to say for the most part i've thoroughly enjoyed the series , having said that , the one I was really looking forward too was the Scott Hall one, I was keen to hear his thoughts,  after DDP helped him like he helped Jake, but sadly , the Bad Guy was erudite and sharp as a tack , but the questions from the the KC fans bordered on deviancy, way too many rat or "who did you nail" questions for mine, anyway.....

my favourite You Shoot has to be, once again , Jim Cornettes, it was that good it took them multiple dvds to cover it all...DDP's was also a bit brilliant as was Waltman's , Honky's and Big Kev's ...i'm sensing a theme forming here.

I have to say , I'm yet to be disappointed by a KC release, sure there are sections of some I could of done without but that's friggin life aint it?

The next series that grabbed my attention was the one where Sean picked the brain of some of the greatest minds in pro wrestling history , GUEST BOOKER had arrived on my radar

And once again Mrs Cornette's baby boy did a ball tearing, brilliant job BUT my absolute favourite Guest Booker belonged to one my favourite managers of all time, and the guy that turned Mario MIlano heel on Aussie tv and stunned the country, i know cause i watched it happen, was the one done by the late great Gary Hart (who was managing The Spoiler in Australia) when he re-booked Dallas, it was truly a brilliant piece of "shooting", kudos to Gary and Sean on that one . it was friggin awesome. RIP Gazza


Tell ya what though , the one by "Dirty Dutch" Mantell was pretty damn impressive as well....the stories he told about TNA and Puerto Rico were fantastic.....Sullivans one were he rebooked WWE in 84 was a bit good as well, so was Bill Eadies....am i sounding like a mark yet? HAHAHAHAHA...anyway

Over the yonks I've picked up a few KC's that were probably series but i didn't get a pile of them, stuff like My side of the story with Magnum and Nikita , Harley and Brunos great debate, which is a dead set ripper, and one particular piece of brilliance, The End of WCW with Kevin Sullivan , what an absolute masterpiece that one is , if you can, grab a copy ....7 days with the Horseman wasn't bad either, I do recommend that you don't have a shot every time theirs a Ric Flair mention, you'll end up in friggin coma

Now when i was younger fan of wrestling and its been 49 years this year, the only wrestling news we got down here in the colonies was maybe a 2 inch square result in the sports page and then we finally got those wonderful bits of fiction by one Mr William Apter, and that's not a knock, its just the way it was at the time, anyway, once i got smarter, I often wondered about the territories that i'd read about for those eons , KC to the rescue , they gave Jim Cornette's his own series, delving into the stuff I was hoping someone would get amongst 

What an absolute pile of friggin brilliance, as for picking a favourite, Id have to say that I like Greg Gagnes one the best so far, weird since i wasnt a huge fan of AWA,

 Savio Vegas was a fine peice of celluloid as well, Terry Funks was hilarious and JJs was also right up there.

Tell you what, the recent discovery I made  of Breaking Kayfabe was a bit of a good find ...holy gingos , didnt Corny give it to the ROH owners, if you want to see a deadset spray , get this dvd (or dl) its a deadset eye peeler....Kevin Nashs was also a bit good as well, hell I got four of em and there all the grouse, Ravens and Lanny Poffo's round out the collection and those are both amazing as well, especially Mr Levys...just wow.

Another recent find has been the Supercard series, near as I can tell there are two , Honky and King Kong Bundy have each done one and they are true eye openers about the run up to a main event of a PPV, get em , there  bonz

One I did get off a mate for a swap was the Worlds something something, my particular pile of talking heads is the awful angle episode, if you can find it get it 

And finally there is a series that apparently changes bloke employment status , Gabe Sapolskys Next Evolution....I bought the Johnny Gargano one , but Chris Hero and Roderick Strong have done one as well, and soon as they did , they get snatched up by nXt...thats not bad hey, must have blokes lined up around the block to do one with Gabe

Now Im sure I left some Kayfabe Commentaries releases out But I can only speak to the one's I got ...but there are also the Ring Roasts series and Ravens Restler Rescue as well available [I think] so i'm fairly sure you will find something to your liking


thats me done

Seeya round like a rissole